Tom’s Bronco Parts Builds Wicked Restomod for TV Show


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Aug 15, 2019
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We don’t need any details or parts lists to know that this awesome early Bronco passes the eye test.
Tom’s Bronco Parts has been selling first-gen bits and pieces for many years now. And, they’ve also helped build some pretty killer rides along the way that showcase their wares. So, it’s really no surprise that when Motor Trend Network wanted to document a Bronco restomod build for their new show Brand New Muscle Car, they called Tom’s first. And the results of that fruitful partnership obviously paid off for both entities.

“We’re down here with the guys from Brand New Muscle Car,” said Jake from Tom’s Bronco Parts. “David and his crew have done an amazing job. They’re rebuilding an early Bronco. We got a peek at it yesterday, and the quality of the build is amazing. Today, the owner is supposed to come in and he’s gonna go take it for a test drive. I can’t wait to see his reaction. We’ll get you guys some pictures of the build. It’s gonna be at SEMA, so we wanted to give you a little teaser. You can see it and check it out now. And then, if you’re at SEMA, make sure you go to their booth and check it out as well.”
With the build finished, this video documents the first time the new owner caught a glimpse of his Bronco and got to take it for a test drive. And even though we don’t get any quotes from him in this short clip, we can tell that he’s in love already.