Thousands Join ‘Ford Global Caring Month’ Efforts


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Aug 15, 2019
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Ford volunteers are improving access to clean water, renovating schools, and empowering the disadvantaged via community projects.
More than 5,000 Ford Motor Company employees are joining community service projects in 34 countries this month to make people’s lives better during Ford Global Caring Month, the signature annual event of the Ford Volunteer Corps.

Examples of the work include a project in the Philippines to construct a communal water facility in two villages. Currently, some residents travel one hour each day for water because their homes lack a piped-in supply. The volunteers will clear the ground, bring in construction materials, lay the necessary blocks and tiles and install a cor.

In Brazil, Ford volunteers will help setup a mother’s workshop to train women to earn income as seamstresses and start their own businesses. Such projects provide employees a way to combine their personal interest in community service with their careers.
“This is an opportunity for professional and personal growth,” said Emanuela Silva, analyst, Ford Human Resources in Brazil. “I have always been involved with volunteer work, and it is great to work at a company where a life goal of helping others is fulfilled through company initiatives.”

‘Ford volunteers play a vital role in demonstrating Ford’s commitment to become the world’s most trusted company.’

In Germany, Ford employees will continue a project to help care for refugee children. By actively supporting refugee integration in the Cologne area, volunteers will introduce a sports program for children who are disadvantaged or living in refugee homes to help them make friends and build confidence. In the United Arab Emirates Ford volunteers will build toys for homeless refugee children.

“The handmade toys from Ford employees will be sent to the children to put a smile on their face and not lose hope of a better future.” said Zeek Ainabe, Ford volunteer, Government and Community Relations, UAE. “Ford Global Caring Month is a great opportunity for employees to come together and work as a team to serve humanity for its greater good.”

In Mexico, 250 Ford volunteers are building a dining room and playground at a home for homeless and abused children. The project will take place over four days and provide the kids with a pleasant, protective environment to restore their physical and emotional well-being, resume their schooling and play with other children.

“I love helping people,” said Berenice Perez Aguilar, Ford volunteer and Communications Coach, Ford of Mexico. “For me, it is important that we multiply our efforts and make these children have a better education, life and social quality.”

These are just a few of more than 500 Ford Volunteer Corps activities taking place around the world this month. Additional projects include:

Australia – Paint, garden at senior home, update dining area at camp for homeless kids
China – Kids from low-income families make model cars, spend day with Ford volunteers
India – Empower disadvantaged women with tailoring and garment design training
Guam – Hospital maintenance and cleanup, remove litter from village streets and bus stops
Romania – Redecorate playroom, add new beds at hospital pediatric oncology department
South Africa – Renovate shelters and safe houses for abused women and children
Spain – Construction, maintenance work at a day care center for children with disabilities
United Kingdom – Create garden at senior center for residents to share, maintain and enjoy
“Ford volunteers play a vital role in demonstrating Ford’s commitment to become the world’s most trusted company,” said Todd Nissen, director, Ford Volunteer Corps. “We appreciate all they do make the world a better place for everyone.”