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New to the group and have a couple of Fords. 2006 Saleen Convertible and a1986 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer converted to a 2019 BRAPTOR we displayed at SEMA 2019. I am seeking some insight on properly wiring up the transition from the Factory harness and the new LED modern headlights and tail lights including suggestions on mounting the tail lights securely with the fiberglass fenders.
Hi There
This is my 1976 Ford F100. Original, 300 c.i. Bought in town, has original invoice etc.
Still on original Carter carburetor & all stock.
140 000 km / 87 000 miles. Great farm truck, also gets used on open road. Does 80mph easily all day long.
My 1995 Bronco. I have owned it since 1999. It still runs on the original 351, 5.8 engine with 134,000 miles. The paint is all original to 1995 as is the interior. I started showing it 10 years ago. But prior to that it was my daily driver for 10 years.
This is my 199*5 Bronco. i have owned it since 1999 and drove it every day for 10 years. Since then I have been showing it for the last 10 years. It still has the original 5.8, 351 engine with 134,000 miles. The paint is original and the interior is all original and is in like new condition.