1978 Ford Bronco - For Sale


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Aug 15, 2019
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The absolute cleanest 1978 Ford Bronco you’ll find for sale. This truck was beautifully restored in all the right places, but still has the fully rebuilt ORIGINAL 351 engine sitting right at 47k miles. Fires right up every time.

-chameleon paint that was freshly ceramic coated. Transitions from glittery blue (as seen from the front) to a glittery green (from the rear)
- White glittery hood with white rhino liner hard top.
- interior fully restored. Black vinyl seats, dash, new black headliner. New black carpet.
-engine removed 400 miles ago, dipped and FULLY rebuilt from the block up.
- Kept her carbureted, rather than fuel injection to keep it like original, but upgraded to a Holley 4 barrel carb. Engine completely professionally rebuilt with all paperwork from Ford Truck Pros.

This site limits the amount of characters I can add in this very long, detailed description of all the upgrades this truck has had - so please see the photos for additional information

For more info contact owner: Nick Smith
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