Blown 400 Cleveland Australian Bronco


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It was a five year build from stock starting with a 4” lift 35” Bfg muddies Originally a 302 pulled out for a 400 clevo and 871 blower started at with twin 750 carbs but couldn’t drive it without breaking traction and blowing diffs so down sized to 600s and is now rated at 680 hp.

Full manualised C6 with 35 spline truetrack custom made brushed alloy diff housing Detroit locker Transfer case has been removed for only rear wheel drive.

Completely stripped down and repainted smoothed out canopy fully rewired with the addition of those blue display lights all new interior Basically the thing has been touched. Cheers for the interest

It’s a very good mate of mine who doesn’t do face book but every time we catch up he wants to check out Ford Daily so o told him I’d put it up

He’ll be so excited when I show him Thanks for sharing.
Says: John Williams

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