1967 Ford Shelby GT500 VENOM Tribute/Eleanor


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Aug 15, 2019
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Ford F150 Ford F250 Mustang
Mustang shot by lucid_1.jpg

1967 Ford Shelby GT500 VENOM Tribute/Eleanor
this is Ford Mustang Exactly same engine modification in the movie “Gone in 60 secs” with racing cams, forged pistons, cylinder head and many more to mention. So the exhaust sound is.
Mustang back_0.jpg

Bodywork is done by John Escobar from transport show

Show winner

Auctioned car at Salcedo Auction 4 yrs ago

-351 crate engine
-Forged pistons
-Trick flow twisted wedge cylinder heads
-6-speed Tremec tranny (1000hp)
-Racing cams
-Aeroform eleanor kit
-Total control suspension
-Adjustable height
-Chip foose mags
-Power steering
-Bride seats
-Auto gauge gauges
-Very reliable no overheating
-Vcool tint see thru
-Cold aircon
-Good running condition
Mustang center console diagonal angle_0.jpg

Mustang center lights_0.jpg

Mustang dashboard and center console_0.jpg


  • Mustang electronic rustproofing_0.jpg
    Mustang electronic rustproofing_0.jpg
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  • Mustang engine right angle_0.jpg
    Mustang engine right angle_0.jpg
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  • Mustang left angle_0.jpg
    Mustang left angle_0.jpg
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  • Mustang shot by sauce bladimir_0.jpg
    Mustang shot by sauce bladimir_0.jpg
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