Big Yellow Ford F-250 Looks Ready to Impress


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If you like your classic Ford trucks bright and easily noticeable, you'll certainly dig this blazing yellow 1977 F-250.
We seek out and drool over our fair share of classic Ford trucks around these parts. But the vast majority of them are painted in what you might call subtle or traditional colors. But that certainly doesn't apply to the retina-burning yellow present on this 1977 Ford F-250 we spotted over at Mecum Auctions, however
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Sadly, there are no details on this Ford F-250, but we know from the styling that it is from the sixth generation, so this is from the 1973 through 1979 model years. We can also tell from the sound of the truck that it is powered by a V8 engine, but we don’t know which V8 is under the hood. During that era, Ford offered six different V8 engines that varied in size from 302- to 460-cubic inches and just about all of them have the aftermarket support needed to produce big power. That being said, the engine in this F-250 could be a modified mill from the era or it could be a modern power plant; all we know is that it has enough power to seriously destroy the rear tires


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