GAME FOR ALPHA MALES: Watch How High School Kids Are Having A Tug Of War With Their Pickup Trucks!!!


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Aug 15, 2019
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Tug of war is a game that shows the abilities of each side, usually the one who has more power and strength wins. This is not a strategic game where you can weasel yourself out of it.

In this interesting video we see a tug of war between two high school kids that have two powerful trucks. On one side we can see the all mighty mid-90s Ford F350 powered by stock 460 big block engine, and we all know how powerful that engine is. And on the opposite side we have the Chevrolet pickup truck that has the 454 cubic inch power plant engine. So in the video we can see these two powerful trucks battling each other but also we can see that one of the high school kids took this too far. We can see how the Ford is dragging the Chevy all across the parking lot, which is not what he should have done. Usually when one side loses the winner stops shortly after dragging the opponent few feet across the line.

Anyway it is an interesting video where we can see the true power of the Ford truck. Enjoy!

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