Ford Truck F250 1994 Dana 60 Video


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Yes. It’s a 1994 f250 with Dana 60 front axle. It has a 460 5 speed manual in it. 90,000 original miles. I bought it bc when I was about 10 years old I knew the people that owned my paws old truck and they told me to save my money until I got my license then they’d sell it to me. So that’s exactly what I did. But the year I got my license I called the people and they said they’d have to think about it and give me a call back. Needless to say it didn’t happen. So I started looking and looked for month. Until I found this one. No rust 86,000 original miles and exactly like my paws truck just different color so I bought it and made it the way it is in memory of him. Onwer Haydon Washburn