Ford Ranger Slings Slop in the Women’s Class: Muddy Monday


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Ranger uses a 400-cubic inch V8 to dig through the deep West Virginia mud pit.
In most cases, the drivers in our Muddy Monday video feature are unnamed, so we don’t know whether it is a guy or a girl at the wheel. This week’s video is different, as this clip from the YouTube channel of Angelina Lowe features a woman named Nicole Lowe competing in the “Powder Puff” class at a WV Mud Hunters event in Jefferson, West Virginia, and this young lady shows that she can dig through the slop just as well as any guy.
Ranger with 400 Small Block Power
The only details accompanying this video explain that the Ford Ranger mud machine is named “Rollin -N-Deep”, it was built by Herbie Lowe and it is powered by a 400 M. The 400-cubic inch version of Ford’s 335 engine architecture is often referred to as the 400 M, as people believe that it is a modified version of a 351-cubic inch V8, but it is actually the other way around.