Ford 74 F250 Raven black with Vinyl Stripes


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Aug 15, 2019
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I picked her up from a truck website I was writing for, it was the owners sons truck. They didn’t want to keep putting money into her so I decided to buy it. It’s actually my first vehicle. I bought it at 16 and it lasted me all through school. I’m currently saving up money to get her restored. Since I’ve had her all I’ve done is put the west coast mirrors on, RV cam, air cleaner, tac, tune up of course, and put a 9ft Whip antenna on it, it has an 80s styled cobra cb inside hanging above the rear view mirror but I plan to install a 70s cobra cb in replace. I did a marti report on it, it’s a 74 f250 raven black with vynil stripes (I’ve yet to figure out what that woulda looked like) and powered mirrors. It was sold locally here in Colorado from a dealership in Brush that’s no longer around. It’s 1 of 200 with paint and trim codes, Ranger XLT with the 360 but it has a 390 in it now. I named her Crustine after the movie Christine, but because she’s so rusty, Crustine.

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