1979 Ford F150 4x4 Green


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Aug 15, 2019
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My dad bought the truck new in 79. Sold it a few years later but regretted it. 20 years go by and I found the truck sitting in the edge of the woods. It had been there 15 years untouched. How I knew it was his was 1/4 piece of steel had been welded between the frame rails, and chain hooks welded to the plate (trucks didn’t have tow hooks in 79 ).
1979 Ford F150 4x4 Green 2.jpg

I was able to buy it back all without my dad knowing. I took it down to the frame and built it back to what you see today. Owning a Body Shop has its perks! 9” skyjacker lift, 40” TSL super swampers, factory “color” paint, and a whole lot of love!
1979 Ford F150 4x4 Green 3.jpg

Says: Shan's Paint & Body & Custom Creations Inc. (Owner)
Location: 11108 Weyerhaeuser Rd Philadelphia, Mississippi
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Tim Shade

I had pretty close to the same truck, and I regret to say it was stolen and totalled. If you or your Dad would ever consider selling it, I'd be very interested. I miss my truck almost every day, and it was awesome to see it and what you did with it!

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