1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4


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Aug 15, 2019
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1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4.jpg

Well here’s my unfinished long time overdue Project I built myself with very little help from my dad.. 79 F600 Factory Crewcab swapped to 4×4, ( was a gas engine 370/Allisonauto), Now With a Ford F650 5.9 Cummins Swap, with a Spicer 3053a od 5speed, truck is setup for a spicer 6041od auxiliary transmission, not installed, everything was fabricated, built and painted outside in my dads driveway using mostly hand tools and some parts i took home to build as well, sometimes a very tough go! Has all new Brakes/wheel cylinders/master cylinder, rebuilt hydrovac unit, all new and custom fitted/ bent steel brake lines. New rubber lines, all new wheel bearings, custom built all mechanical clutch linkage, custom made mechanical throttle linkage and so on….. Tons of Time!!! Took more years than wanted mostly from parts collecting and other projects. But it runs and drives now! Truck is sitting on 12.00-20 military tires that would be about 44.5x12x20s. It’s all 70s F600 except for engine/transmission I do have a few bugs to work out and possibly a transmission rebuild. Last picture was how I bought it in 2010.. I’ll share some build pictures soon! This Truck isn’t Perfect but dam it looks good and I’m very proud of my Accomplishments!!!!

Says: Michael Johnson (Owner)
1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4 2.jpg
1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4  4.jpg
1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4 3.jpg
1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4  5.jpg

The under side work of art, 79 F600 Crewcab 4×4. It’s alittle busy under there, i had to move the transfercase back for auxiliary transmission fitment, soon ill have that installed… everything custom made n fitted to fit my needs, it gets tighter after brownie box is installed..
1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4  6.jpg
1979 Ford F-600 Factory Crew Cab 4×4 7.jpg