1979 F-150 Custom Yellow Has a 300ci 4 Speed Manual


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I got this truck about 2 months ago and am really proud of all the hard work and labor ive put into it. Just wanted to share. 15 years old. 300ci and 4 speed manual. 1979 f150 custom

Says: Justin Mattingly (Owner)

Well, the last people we bought this truck from lived about 2 hours from us and a tree fell on it. We bought it from them and started to restore it, but obviously on a budget since im 16. Weve put about 4 grand in the truck from alot of parts to get her fixed. Rotors, pads, wiring, dash pieces, gaskets, master cylinder, gas tank hose, valve cover, air filter and much more that i dont need to list. Its a truck i dont ever want to get rid of.


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