1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside


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Aug 15, 2019
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1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside.jpg

I bought the truck from a guy in LA and had it shipped over to the UK where I used it stock for 2 years before starting the build. Destiny as she is affectionately know was babies by an Idaho farmer for years, then was bought by a couple who built a tiny home on the back of it in (see pics)
1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 2.jpeg

I built it at home in a two car garage over a period of 18 months outside of the day job and entertaining a 2 year old

I use the truck whenever I can. Just for a cruise out, to car meets, camping since the addition of the camper shell. Even tip runs. It did the tip run on a Thursday and I was out camping in it on the Friday
1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 3.jpeg

I’m looking to give it a bit more horsepower soon, and have heard 300bhp is easily achievable. So a four barrel carburettor, inlet manifold, exhaust headers and a different camshaft will get me there. I’ll also be installing a removeable towbar next year ready for a classic Eriba caravan that I have my eye on.
1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 4.jpeg

1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 5.jpeg

Owner/Age: Grant Kennaird 36

Vehicle/Model: Ford F100

Vehicle Year: 1966

Vehicle Specs/Trim: Longbed Styleside I’m Caribbean Turquoise


Ford 352 cui (5.8l) V8

Electronic fan conversion

Canton race rear sump pan for front cross member clearance

1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 6.jpeg

Exterior Specs/Wheels etc:

Chassis mods

Removed all original front and rear suspension

Front chassis notch

Chassis boxed and 2” depth removed under the cab.

New gearbox crossmember

Engine and gearbox raise

Massive rear chassis notch

1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 7.jpeg

Custom built parallel 4 link designed and built by myself

Custom built watts link designed and built by myself

Crossmember modifications to clear prop shaft

Jaguar XJS independent front suspension setup, notched to clear sump


Original paint showing its age

Inner front wings tubbed to clear front wheels on drop

Rear bed raise retaining the original floor.

1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 9.jpeg

Camper top located locally. Lucky find on eBay that matches the truck perfectly

Gearbox tunnel raise

Modified rear bumper to allow the truck to lay frame


Jaguar XJS IFS modified to accept slam specialities RE-6 bags

Firestone 9000 sleeve air bags

Accuair Elevel

Accuair Endo CVT

Additional 5gallon tank

Custom shock mounts

Ford 9” axle with limited slip diff. Rebuilt by myself.


1966 Ford F100 Longbed Styleside 8.jpeg

Linelock installed using original switch gear (heat pull knob from original heater) bring the heat

Modern heater

Rear wheels banded on the inside to retain patina

Custom front wheel adaptors to retain original ford wheels

Custom rear wheel spacers

Thanks for the opportunity man
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