Dentside Truck F150 Year 77 Beatiful Red Color


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Heck yeah! We picked it up in Nov 2019 for a really good price. The paint was very oxidized and different shades of orange all over, so we detailed it and got it all shiny. But what’s cool is, is that’s the factory color. The exhaust had some rust holes in as well, so we put a custom exhaust on it. We cleaned up the interior, re did the weather stripping as well. Added some steps for the people who struggle to get up in the cab, and changed out those black wagon wheels for some U.S mags. That’s about all we have done to it so far, but we plan on taking out the 351M and putting a 460 in it, adding chrome to the side and around the windows. We want to add a winch, roll bar, light bar and some cab lights as well. Basically converting it to a Ranger model but without the ranger badging.

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