1969 Ford F-250 is a Timeless, Classic 4×4


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60’s and 70’s Ford trucks are red hot at the moment, with prices steadily rising. The market is saturated with restored, two wheel drive models in all sorts of pretty two tone colors. What you don’t see a lot of, however, is a lot of four wheel drives or F-250s.
4x4s weren’t as popular or widespread as they are today, and Ford didn’t even build them in house until 1959. Conversions were outsourced to various companies, while long beds remained popular all the way through the 70’s.

The 1969 F-250 you see before you checks all of those boxes, and it does so with a great deal of style. A mostly original restoration, it looks great in its green/white livery, painted factory wheels, and original trim. The only deviation from stock is a mild lift, which quite honestly isn’t necessary but it also doesn’t detract from the overall look.