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Aug 15, 2019
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1939 FORD WOODY 350 280 HP 2.JPG

During the early part of the last century it was popular practice to take a vehicle with a relatively robust chassis, maybe even a truck, and build a wooden body upon the back half to accommodate people and their luggage. The goal was to bus people to and from train stations, and thus, the depot hack was born. These vehicles slowly gained popularity with customers and the name smoothed over to station wagon. Ford was likely the most aggressive at building these wooden-body station wagons, having bought an entire mountain to provide the trees, and as such, Ford has long been credited as having produced some of the best, high-production woody station wagons in the early history of wagons.
1939 FORD WOODY 350 280 HP 3.JPG

This 1939 Ford Woody is everything the people of the era wish they had. The body has been painted Jaguar Regency Red, features 1939 Ford headlights, a 1940 Ford grille, and is set upon a 1993 GMC Suburban three-quarter-ton chassis with half-ton springs, six lug wheels, and a three-quarter Dana front end with transfer case. Under the full-tilt hood is a new 350/280 HP V-8 with a 700R4 overdrive transmission. An enlarged radiator has also been installed to help keep things cool. Inside the wood is finished as beautifully as the outside, and power windows add to the long list of modern accoutrements. Tan seats complement nicely and the vehicle is rounded out with a vintage Fleming paddle board.
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