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Ford F150 Ford F250 Mustang

An awesome stance, big V8 power, a custom/comfy air conditioned interior, and the right upgrades both for flair and to get the job done: thats what you get with this 1975 Ford F-250 Highboy 4x4. This vintage hauler offers just the right combination of functionality and flash. The factory Midnight Blue Metallic had a quality respray later in life to retain a nice gloss and shine. It has a deep tone thats worthy of a tall and beefy pickup, and the shine accentuates the trucks square-jawed lines. In fact, speaking of the shine, this one really shows off its function within the bright style. For example, the bumpers have a freshly dipped look that showcases the diamond plating step-style in the rear as well as the front with brush guard and fog lights. Plus, there are more bright heavy duty upgrades, like the tow hooks (front & rear), side step plates, 8-lug wheels. The body has that ideal look of a well-respected pickup with straight and clean lines, but it also has a look where no one will mistake it for a trailer queen. In fact, this is the one to tow the other toys. After all, you have a proper trailer hitch and electric brake controller. And the 8-foot bed on this extra-duty F-250 already has you thinking about all the ways this classic can also help you tackle projects. Inside, the sea of blue continues. You can instantly see that the seats were given a major upgrade.classics.autotrader


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