Ford F1350 Crew Cab 6x6


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Aug 15, 2019
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What do you do when you want more from your Ford? If you are Jim Turley, you build one of the most jacked up trucks around. To wit, you take a Ford body and stretch it over a 6×6 Mack military chassis. Turley didn’t change anything under the hood. The Mutt is still powered by the 6.7L Cummins it came with. He just created a truck to turn heads where ever he goes.
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I saw this awesome truck from the road and had a chance to talk to the owner. This thing is a monster to see. Although he brings it to shows he actually uses this as a tow truck, able to rescue off-roaders who are otherwise stuck. The chassis was originally from his dad's truck. It's a 6x6 Mack chassis, and from what I could search from about this truck, it is a 1970 Mack DM800. The body of the truck is badged F-1350 He said that it took 3 years for them to build it.
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