A STORY Of FORD F100 1972


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Aug 15, 2019
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1972 FORD F100.jpg

I got it when I was 17 right before I enlisted. I did exterior work to it like painting it and cleaning it up and putting bed liner in.

72 f100.jpg

I used it for lots of work and the stock 302 was perfect for it before a piston cracked in half. It has a fully rebuilt 302 that’s bored over .40 and has a mild cam in it.
A STORY Of FORD F100 1972 1.jpg

It also had long tube headers with 2 1/2 inch exhaust with neighbor haters leading to 5 inch American flag tips that I put out the side of the truck. I used the 5 inch autofab lift kit on it and put 15x10 American racing wheels on it with 33x12.5x15 tires.

A STORY Of FORD F100 1972 3.jpg

I replaced the headlights with halo led headlights and replaced the dinged up bumpers with some clean new black ones. There’s a lot more I did before the restoration. During the restoration we replaced the body with a 69 f100 body.

A STORY Of FORD F100 1972 4.jpg

Everything is fully repainted and has bed liner on the bottom of the truck and the interior floor pans to prevent rust and also sound from getting into the cab.

A STORY Of FORD F100 1972 5.jpg

We also did a disc brake conversion and added a brake booster and tons of other things!

A STORY Of FORD F100 1972 6.jpg

Overall it’s a pretty simple truck but has lots of custom touches to it!
Says: Caleb Nagel (Owner)

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I love the color! What is it called?