2018 Ford Mustang GT350


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Aug 15, 2019
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My name is Harrison, I’m 23 years old born and raised in CT and I own this 2018 GT350. I bought the car just about a year ago when I was 22. People dream of owning super cars and crazy expensive exotics but this is my dream car and to have the ability to afford it at 22 years old is a blessing and a dream come true. This car is definitely a work in progress. Over the past year I’ve done some modifications which include window tints, full ceramic coating, Xpel vinyl wrap, Brey Krause harness bar, Schroth profii II ASM 4 point harnesses, SCT tuner, street tuned by power curve motorsports, Kooks long tube catless headers which run into a kooks X-pipe then from that X-pipe it runs into a Corsa double helix X-pipe making it as far as I know the worlds first triple X-pipe GT350.

The best thing about this car is the smile it puts on my face every time I get behind the wheel and not only that but the smile it puts on the faces of people that see and hear it. The latest story I have for you is being pulled over after making a YouTube video. The cops roll up and approach me saying they’ve been getting calls about street racing. However this wasn’t the case we were simply driving back and forth on this empty road doing 15mph. After a few minutes of going back and forth everything was resolved and that’s when the officers asked me to Rev my car. Me being dumbfounded looked at the officers and repeated the question and asked if I was going to get ticketed for it?! Needless to say I rev’d the car for them without reproductions. This is actually one of the coolest encounters I’ve had with police officers. They seemed to be just normal humans in that very moment getting excited over the noise of a loud V8 engine.



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