1971 Ford F-250 Highboy 4x4


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Aug 15, 2019
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This is my highboy! But it wasn’t always a 4x4... I’ve owned this truck for about 6 years and it used to be a 1971 f250 camper special ranger 2wd.. The last little while I picked up a 1969 f250 4x4 frame and the quick story is that I simply put my 71 body onto the 4x4 frame but not before rebuilding the Dana 60 and Dana 44HD axles, NP205 T case, NP435 4 speed and just about every nut and bolt from the steering column to brand new cab mounts, floor pans, and seals around the cab.. everything on this truck has had a mechanical upgrade and it now drives better than it would have in 1969.. it has a mild built 1974 fe 390 as its power house.. all this work has taken about a year with the help of a few close friends and my lovely girlfriend who also own or love these old pickups.. at 23 years old I’m happy to own a truck like this and be able to say that I took on a big task like this without the help of big shops and was all completed in the back yard.

Says: Mark Morrey (Owner)
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