1969 Ford F250 Highboy 4x4


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Aug 15, 2019
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So here is my dads truck. He had a mechanically good 1969 F250 4x4 that was cosmetically pretty beat. A few years back I found a beautiful 1969 F250 camper special in a junk yard in North Idaho that was a one owner truck. The owner died and the truck got sent to the yard. Luckily the yard owner saw what a gem it was and did not part it out. I made a deal for it and my dad went with me to get it. As soon as he saw it he said “I need that for my 4WD”. So that’s exactly what happened. He tore the 4x4 apart, cleaned the frame and running gear and transferred the sheet metal onto the 4x4 chassis. The Holly Green and Wimbledon White paint is all original, as is the interior. He had a local spring shop re-arch the front springs to fit the 9.00 16 Power King tires on it. It’s powered by the same ol 360 that was originally in the highboy, it runs like a top.

Says: Chris Swenson
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